The purpose of Quakers for Truth on Terrorism is:

1 To enable Quaker members and attenders to support each other in witnessing to truths about terrorism.
(To question the truth about governmental accounts of who orchestrated and undertook various “terrorist” attacks leads to one being dismissed as “conspiracy theorists” and it takes some guts to brave the ridicule or incredulity which results from asking questions about what society as a whole does not question.)

2 To enable Friends to forge a definition of “terrorism” which does not exclude killing by the military on the orders of governments

3 To ensure that the Religious Society of Friends is able to speak truth to power about terrorism as a result of having studied terrorist incidents

4 To develop an attitude towards terrorism and fundamentalism which is consistent with our Peace Testimony and Truth Testimony

5 To develop a Quaker view on the seminal terrorist event of our age which has sparked several wars, the attacks on New York City and Washington DC of September 11th 2001

6 To oppose all 9/11 wars on the basis of reliable information.

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